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Skin Rejuvenation with NeoGen


What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Plasma is similar to a gas but with many of its atoms broken into electrically charged particles, both negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged ions. Examples of plasma include lightning, the Aurora Borealis and fluorescent tube lamps.

What is special about nitrogen plasma?

Nitrogen plasma is a source of thermal energy which is highly conductive and readily permeates skin. Heat released from the plasma has a profound effect at and beneath the skin’s surface, causing thermal disruption to the whole architecture of the skin, penetrating as deep as the reticular dermis.

Nitrogen plasma does not depend on the interaction with a specific target chromophore or rely on a specific wavelength for efficacy. The depth of penetration is influenced by the skin’s level of hydration, as the energy is conducted via water.

How does NeoGen Plasma skin treatment work?

NeoGen uses ultra-high radio frequency to ionize medical grade nitrogen gas from a pressurised cylinder, creating nitrogen plasma in the nozzle, which delivers a controlled pulse of plasma thermal energy (circa 120oC for 15 milliseconds at 4.0J).

The pressurised pulse of nitrogen plasma purges oxygen from the treatment area, preventing charring of the skin. The level of energy delivered to the skin determines the depth of penetration, and associated levels of tightening, resurfacing and regeneration effects.

What makes NeoGen Plasma so unique?

  • It treats and modifies the whole skin architecture

  • It treats multiple indications simultaneously

  • It treats the whole body, including the peri-ocular area

  • Treated skin forms a natural barrier to aid recovery

  • Treatment protocols can be tailored to meet client needs:

  • High energy – corrective treatments, achieving fully ablative CO2 results with significantly less: downtime, treatment risks and post treatment complications

  • Low energy – life-long preventive and maintenance treatments, achieving substantial improvement with minimal downtime, inconvenience or discomfort

  • Very low energy – bacterial control e.g. Acne vulgaris and increased skin permeability of actives

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