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BOTOX® vs Dysport® : Which one is best for you?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We all want to look and feel like our best selves. That is not up for debate; however, the best way to achieve that goal is. Botox® is the original injectable achieving FDA approval in 2002, with Dysport® following along in 2009. Both are a type of botulinum type A used to relax the muscles that cause unwanted lines and wrinkles in the face. So what is the difference?

  1. You typically need more Dysport® than Botox. This is still being researched; however, patient reports show this to be true. So while Dysport® may cost less per unit, you need double the amount to receive the desired results in some cases.

  2. It can depend on the area of the face. Studies have shown that while Botox® is better for improving frown lines between the eyes, Dysport® created desirable results for crows feet.

  3. Botox® takes longer to set up but can last longer. Everyone metabolizes these products differently, but early research shows that Dysport® has a shorter efficacy rate than Botox®.

The most important thing to remember when doing either Botox® or Dysport® is to have an experienced and professional injector. New You Aesthetic has some of the best injectors in the Metro Atlanta area and would love to help you figure out what is best for you.

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